Friday, March 5, 2010


After along wait TJ is home!!! We were lucky and he got to come home on one of the first flights!! He got home January 13th!! We were up REALLY early to get there on time just to sit and wait and wait. Takoa was just ready for daddy to be here already. Takoa helped make the sign and we made one for the house that I didn't get a pic of that the kids both colored it was so cute. We had balloons all over the house and takoa picked out a mickey mouse balloon to take with us to see daddy cause he knew when daddy got home we get to go to Disneyland!! Takoa was in the post paper holding his sign that made his day when he saw that! When takoa saw tj he just started to laugh...makes me cry...he was so happy to see his daddy!! Kiele was to she wasn't sure she wanted him to hold her but that wore off in about ten mins. We had to wait for a little speach thank goodness it was only five mins. when they said we could go it was a mad dash to daddy Takoa and Kiele were trying so hard to get to daddy as fast as they could. Kiele's legs just don't move as fast as Takoa's. So cute to see them running together! We are so glad the our daddy is home and glad he is home safe!! thanks to everyone for your support and paryers this last year!

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